Customized Services

Dealing with healthcare and eldercare issues can quickly become confusing, overwhelming and emotionally challenging. A Health Navigator provides an experienced, educated partner who will work with you to design and implement a healthcare service plan that’s personalized for your family’s needs.

Service plans

Ho’okele offers different levels of senior care navigation services that can meet seniors’ needs and maximize their ability to remain independent.

Basic Navigation

  • Health Navigator assessment and design of a healthcare service plan
  • Initial care coordination to begin implementing the plan
  • Access to RN Navigator services – up to 4 hours of service over a 30-day period

Standard Package

  • Includes Basic Plan services with access to RN Navigator services – up to 4-hours per year
  • An RN Health Navigator will check in and help with coordination of services
  • Telephone consultation as needed

Premium Plan

  • Includes Basic Plan services with access to RN Navigator services – up to 20-hours of services per year
  • An RN Health Navigator will manage healthcare details, help with medication management, attend physician visits and provide healthcare advocacy.
  • Telephone consultation as needed

Specialized Plans

There may be a time that alternative senior care solutions need to be implemented. Ho’okele can help.

Long Term Care Placement

  • 8-hours of service

Care Home Case Management

  • Monthly client visits
  • Plan of care updates
  • Family Conferences

Innovative technology for senior care

IHealthhome is a comprehensive interactive in-home monitoring and communication system designed for professional caregivers. Its advanced technology provides customizable monitoring solutions to meet your needs while facilitating greater engagement, communication, collaboration and family peace of mind.

The iHealthHome can serve as a wellness tool allowing a senior to manage and monitor vital signs such as weight, blood pressure and glucose levels, and can be further customized to suit each senior’s own needs. Using web-based communication systems, the iHealthHome creates a “virtual village” safety net of informed healthcare professionals, caregivers and family members.