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Testimonials from Actual Clients:

“We really appreciate the care provided during this past year and we know how difficult it is in finding good caregivers…it’s a tough market but every one we’ve had have been pleasant and really caring towards our mom, so we wanted to thank you for all you do.” – C.C.


“I really enjoy the caregivers that have come to help me.” CZ


“I really was taken aback by my mother’s onset of dementia. I felt lost and without resources on how and where to begin. Ho’okele provided me with invaluable information. They were compassionate and very professional.”  – Rose


“Ho’okele was a true lifesaver! No one else in Hawaii would help us until we arrived from Delaware. I was really at my wit’s end as to how to set things up ahead of time so we wouldn’t just be winging it. All of the contacts I needed Ho’okele provided and they helped us even more when we got here. Thanks to Ho’okele, everything went smoothly, which is a huge thing considering my mother’s condition. I really cannot thank Ho’okele enough! I would definitely, without hesitation, use their services again.”  – Kel


“I am very pleased with (my) caregiver, she helps above and beyond what she needs to.” – MC


“It is with so much gratitude that I say from the very beginning I received extraordinary service. Our RN health navigator was always so available when I needed her. I always felt so protected because I knew everything would be taken care of and that my Dad was in very good hands.”  – Christine


A Ho’okele Experience:

“My father-in-law was diagnosed with cancer of the esophagus. It was extremely difficult to sit by his bedside and watch nothing being done, (or at least I saw that hardly anything was being done). Doctors came in and out, not saying very much even after questioning them on what were they planning to do. Only that they were each examining him and that they were all going to meet to determine how they were going to treat him. My concern was that they needed to determine that quickly and for God’s sake, at least make him comfortable! He was coughing so much that he could not eat or drink, sleep or even talk.

Thank God for Hookele! I called and brought them up to speed and I felt that they really, genuinely cared for him and understood our frustrations.

When doctors entered the room, I introduced them. Boy, they know their stuff! Being nurses themselves, they know the lingo and the terminology and they asked all the right questions that I did not even know to ask about. They commanded the doctor’s attention and that’s when things started to happen. Finally, they inserted a stent into Dad’s throat which acted like a lining to keep things out and to help make his coughing subside enough to sleep and talk a little. (Have you ever heard about a stent?) They explained treatments and communicated alternatives, established a communication channel between his hospitalists, nurses and doctors. I could communicate concerns and they would try/get them taken care of. For example, when Dad started to have problems with his stent, they worked with the doctors on it. I did not have to try and catch or meet with the right doctor to let him know about it, to find out what can be done about it, and what they were going to do about it. Hookele did those things for me. They kept me up dated by phone and email always asking before requesting anything on his behalf.

I was able to work and to spend time just visiting him because of Hookele. They were there for me, ready to coordinate anything that came up. When doctors considered sending him home, they were available to assist us with the transition home and coordinate any services for him. They were also ready to connect us with a social worker to provide additional support. Hookele had all the information ready for me to consider and choose. Prices, rates, pros, cons, alternatives, etc, were all available to me so I did not have to spend time investigating what was out there. They knew what I needed before I did. Unfortunately, it was not to be. Dad needed to have a feeding tube inserted into his stomach so he needed a skilled nursing facility to take care of him around the clock. Hookele made background information available on many Skilled Nursing Facilities to consider. Their addresses and telephone numbers, how long in business, how many beds in facility, how many open beds, how many miles from hospital and even what, if any, complaints they had against them. Hookele can be your “agent”, if you will. Not only be your advocate, which is huge, in itself, but they can provide information on probably anything regarding health care, make you aware on important issues and give important advice to consider.

Dad past away 1 week after entering the skilled nursing facility. Thank God for Hookele! They made his last few weeks the best it could be. You never know when you will need them but I find great comfort knowing they will be there for me when I do need them.”  – Kathy


“Many thanks to the Ho’okele team who were a great help and support during this difficult time.”  – Joanne


“Family happy with caregiver, she is always going out of her way.”- AA

“Ho’okele’s help with my grandparents is greatly appreciated. I had no idea where to start but having the assessment done was great. It showed me where I needed to focus on. Ho’okele helped me find a daycare as well as a doctor for my grandparents. There is definitely a need for this company. The best is the resources they have. Thanks a million.”  – Tammy


“It helped tremendously to have someone to call for various questions and assistance with problems dealing with various providers, agencies, paperwork, etc.”  – Claire


“Ho’okele was the life saver that I needed to stay ‘in the loop’ for my sister’s care. Our RN navigator went above and beyond just a health planner. She became a part of our family. I would recommend Ho’okele to ANYONE and everyone who needs to care for a loved one near or far.”  – Julie


“Ho’okele was here when we needed help. Their professionalism was shown in their caring and friendly manner. We appreciated all…[their help]…in the most difficult time.”  – Tomiko


“Your services were invaluable and appreciated. I know I will need more help in the future!”


“Ho’okele was excellent. When my mom received the diagnosis of ALS, we were all devastated. Our health navigator helped keep us focused and gave us options to choose from. The most important thing for me was that she was able to give us the emotional support that we needed.”

“I am very pleased with caregiver, she helps above and beyond what she needs to.” – MC

“At a time when caring for my mom was overwhelming, Ho’okele Health Navigators helped me find a foster care home, a primary care physician, and other specialists.”


“Our advice to anyone looking to provide health care for someone with dementia is – get a case manager. Best decision we ever made!”


“Ho’okele, in such a short time before my surgery, researched every aspect of my disease and the various choices of surgical procedures I could expect. My Health Navigator quickly emailed me the information so I could have some control and understanding over what was to take place in two days. My husband and I were able to face the surgery day with much more confidence.”


“Living out of state, it is tremendously helpful to have the services of Ho’okele. Their weekly follow up gives me peace of mind with my mother. My Health Navigator explains issues and options in laymen’s terms so you can understand what they’re talking about. They know their business and tailor it to the care of their clients. The service is personalized and well thought out. I can’t say enough about Ho’okele. When things get tough, they do not shrink away, they are there standing with and supporting you.”


“Thank you for your assistance in researching physicians and care facilities for mom. It gave us peace of mind to know that a professional health planner was doing the research and taking us to visit the facilities, eliminating the guesswork and saving us time. More importantly, it was a comfort to us to be able to discuss mom’s health issues and needs with you and get an objective third party opinion. With your help we were able to narrow our choices, and that is a big relief for us. We really appreciate your caring and your expertise in tailoring services and locating and evaluating facilities to meet our needs.”


“Ho’okele helped me find a doctor with 25 years of experience which helped me gain immediate confidence.”


“Ho’okele’s services were invaluable and appreciated. I know I will need more help in the future!”


“Having Ho’okele on our team gave our family great comfort. We knew that the best care, providers, equipment and referrals were all at my grandmother’s fingertips. They also navigated our family dynamics with tremendous skill while not compromising the level of care their expert eyes knew my grandmother needed.”


“I really love my caregiver she’s great.” – CJ